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Home Switches

Plug-and-play desktop switch for home users

The ES-108E v2 desktop switch features eight Fast Ethernet ports, lets you connect multiple network devices to extend your home network, and comes all wrapped up in a simple plug-and-play package. Effortlessly share high-speed internet access to enjoy online gaming, media streaming, and web surfing with friends and family.

Optimal bandwidth for media traffic through high-priority ports

The Zyxel ES-108E v2 comes with three high-priority ports. Its port-based QoS feature provides considerably enhanced download quality while bandwidth priority settings give you a better surfing, gaming, and streaming experience. The switch also features increased buffer memory to maintain smooth network transmission even when it’s handling heavy loads.

Easy to connect multiple devices

This switch is designed to take your home network to the next level by delivering elevated performance and efficiency. With its NWay auto-negotiation function, the ES-108E v2 connects to network devices at the highest possible speeds and automatically runs in full-duplex mode, while its store-and-forward service offers low latency and error-free packet delivery.

SMB Switches

High-powered Power over Ethernet (PoE)

The Zyxel XGS2210/GS2210 Series PoE switches support the IEEE 802.3af PoE and 802.3at PoE Plus standards, which provide up to 30 watts of power per port for advanced Powered Devices (PD) like 802.11ac wireless APs and video IP phones. The high power budget enables the XGS2210/GS2210 PoE switches to comfortably accommodate the PDs required in a modern network edge.

High level network and access security

Zyxel XGS2210/GS2210 Series offers enhanced control and isolation for improved convergence of video, voice and data. Such advanced defense mechanisms as IP source guard, DHCP snooping, and ARP inspection can detect and block intentional network attacks. Combining multiple L2, L3 and L4 filtering mechanisms with such education – and hospitality friendly features as MAC freeze, port isolation and guest VLAN, the Zyxel XGS2210/GS2210 Series offers a high level of security, flexibility and control for diverse access layer deployments.

Stacking Capability

The XGS2210 Series allows creating a physical stack through two standard 10-Gigabit SFP+ ports to  facilitate management for multiple switches with one single interface.

Service Providers Switches

High-performance IPv6 and IPv4 routing

The ZyXEL XGS4700 Series provides businesses with a smooth migration path from IPv4 based networks to a full IPv6 infrastructure, providing investment protection for future network upgrades when a larger installation of connected devices is required. The XGS4700 Series utilizes the latest design technology to provide wire speed communication and full-dynamic IP routing features such as RIP, RIPv2 and OSPF as well as special features such as equal-cost, multi-path routing (ECMP) which load balances network traffic across multiple paths through the network that have the same costing. Packets can be delivered to the same device through different routing paths by designating the equal costs. Businesses can adopt basic static routing technology such as RIP and RIPv2 for small network routing applications or advanced routing protocols such as OSPF and ECMP for load balancing. These protocols are a critical part in the creation of fully resilient scalable networks.

Intelligent QoS for mission critical applications

In order to ensure the quality of multiple services on a converged network, adopting advanced traffic control technologies to manage different types of traffic flows is critical and necessary to businesses. The ZyXEL XGS4700 Series supports intelligent QoS features to regulate network traffic for the best performance. Taking advantage of Class of Service (CoS) and Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) support, network designers and administrators can easily classify and enable traffic prioritization for critical business applications such as VoIP and video conferencing. In addition, the XGS4700 Series also provides advanced bandwidth control with 64 kbps granularity and 8 hardware priority queues to bring better bandwidth administration to network operators.